PrideFest 2018

PrideFest 2018 will be held June 22nd-24th. Meanwhile, check out our community center.

Thanks for helping make PrideFest 2017 awesome! Check out our post-PrideFest press release by clicking here.

  Date & Time

Friday, June 22nd, 2018
Saturday, June 23rd, 2018
Sunday, June 24th, 2018


Soldiers' Memorial Park
Market Street between N. 15th St. & N. Tucker St.

  Please bring at least $5 with you to the entry gates if you are able.

PrideFest 2017

For decades, the generosity of the Saint Louis community has been unmatched, and each year, we are moved by the support shown. We depend on your continued generosity and support to ensure that we're able to do the many things we are committed to: awarding college scholarships, funding educational programs and events, and underwriting the many community efforts throughout each year. You can donate online. Thank you for the many years of love and support. We wish each and every one of you a #HappyPride365, and we look forward to building community and growing together!

In Community,
The Pride St. Louis Board of Directors


About PrideFest

In 2011, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch estimated an attendance of 85,000 attendees over PrideFest weekend, once again making the festival one of the most-attended Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) events in the Midwest region. Then, in 2012, PrideFest broke records again, with attendance estimated at 100,000+ over two days; it was also the longest parade in our history. 2013 marked a historic change for Pride St. Louis and the annual PrideFest celebration as the festival relocated to Downtown St. Louis at Soldiers Memorial. With record-setting attendance numbers for both the parade and festival the Board is very excited about the 35th anniversary of Pride in St. Louis. 2014 was the 32nd anniversary of Pride in Saint Louis and saw over 150,000 attendees along with an estimated 90,000 parade-goers. The Festival layout featured 160 exhibitors and sponsors with two entertainment stages, a children’s area, Athletes Village and much more. In 2015 the Festival topped record numbers and reached over 200,000 spectators and attendees.

In 2017, we broke our previous records again; 300,000 people attended PrideFest.

Pride St. Louis is grateful for and committed to the partnerships we have cultivated with past vendors and we are excited about the addition of new vendors each year. We truly appreciate your support, not only of Pride St. Louis, but also of the entire LGBTQIA+ Community. Together, we can work to once again produce a record setting Pride Celebration in 2018!

Community Awards

We are pleased to announce the 2017 Community Award recipients:

  • Felton T. Day Community Service Award: Steph Perkins, Executive Director of PROMO
    The “Felton T. Day Community Service Award” is presented to a person – not associated with Pride St. Louis – whose service to the LGBTQIA+ community has gone above and beyond, exemplifying the spirit of leadership and service in one’s community.
  • Jim Hoefer Organization Award: Show-Me Bears
    The “Jim Hoefer Organization Award” is presented to an organization best exemplifying what it means to serve St. Louis’ LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Lisa Wagaman Lifetime Community Service Award: Stephen Louis Brawley, LGBT History Project
    The “Lisa Wagaman Lifetime Community Service Award” is presented to a person who has dedicated a large portion of their life to further the Pride movement, LGBTQIA+ causes, or has given back through leadership and/or volunteering.
  • Community Proud Award: Xander and the Buddy Brigade
    The Community Proud Award is presented to the individual, group, business, or organization that has gone above and beyond, giving an extraordinary amount of energy making a positive difference in the lives of those in marginalized communities.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • When and where is the parade? Open or Close
    The parade for will take place on Sunday, June 24th, 2018. PrideFest grounds are open Friday evening and all day Saturday as well!
  • When is the festival? Open or Close
    PrideFest 2018 will take place on June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.
  • How much does PrideFest cost? Open or Close
    Admission to the festival is free, but we strongly suggest a donation of $5. This ensures that we are able to support our many community efforts throughout the year, as well as to provide a safe and enjoyable festival.

    For more information, visit
  • How do I get to PrideFest? Open or Close
    PrideFest is located in Downtown St. Louis at Soldiers Memorial. It is easy to access the festival via MetroLink or MetroBus. A taxi stand is also located at 14th and Market. If you choose to drive, parking is available at meters downtown, which are free of charge on Sunday only. Be sure not to park at reserved meters or in "no parking" areas.
  • Is there a dress code? Open or Close
    Pride St. Louis doesn't have a specific dress code; we encourage self-expression and body positivity. We are, however, required by law to abide by the City of Saint Louis' code of ordinances, which sets standards for what is considered acceptable. Visit their website for more information on what is allowable.
  • Is PrideFest safe? Open or Close
    We work with a variety of different institutions to ensure the safety of every person, and have increased the security presence at PrideFest due to events such as the Pulse shooting in Orlando. We utilize a combination of hired security (both marked and unmarked), professional events staffing, as well as local police. We encourage each person to remain alert to their surroundings and to report any suspicious behavior to security personnel. To secure the perimeter and keep our guests, vendors, and staff safe, there is bike rack fencing outlining the festival perimeter.

    Entrance gates will have staff collecting the suggested $5 donation, and you can receive a free Pride Guide program book.
  • What should I bring or leave at home? Open or Close
    As in past years, no coolers are allowed onto festival grounds. If you have specific dietary needs or other concerns, we recommend bringing a small, soft-sided lunchbox-style container with you. Large, hard-sided coolers will not be allowed into the grounds. Please do not bring tents to the festival grounds. They block the view and make it hard for others to enjoy the entertainment and festivities. Lawn chairs are welcome. Weapons and firearms are strictly prohibited. Anyone bringing prohibited items into festival grounds will be asked to leave immediately and may be refused re-entry. For everyone's safety, please do not bring glass containers with you. In compliance with our liquor license, as well as state and municipal law, no outside alcohol is allowed. No one under the legal drinking age of 21 years old is allowed to drink at PrideFest. All individuals appearing to be under the age of 40 years old may be asked for a valid photo ID. Individual, sealed bottles of water are allowed to be carried in. Please do not bring pets; service and/or emotional support animals are always an exception.
  • Where are bathrooms located? Open or Close
    Restrooms can be found at several locations around the festival. All restrooms are gender-inclusive. The map in the program book will show specific locations.
  • What do I do if I have a medical emergency? Open or Close
    An ambulance will be on-site at all times during festival hours. A first-aid tent staffed by a team of certified medical professionals can also be found on the festival footprint. In case of emergency, call 911.
  • What is the theme of the festival? Open or Close
    The theme for PrideFest 2018 is "Remember. Rise. Respect.".
  • What is there to eat at the festival? Open or Close
    There are plenty of great food choices located in our main food area. Please enjoy the variety of unique food and drinks from our vendors!
  • Will I need a wristband for alcohol purchases? Open or Close
    Yes. Please visit any beer or liquor booth throughout the festival, show your identification, and purchase a $2 wristband for the day. This ensures shorter lines at alcohol booths, since you will have already shown proof of your age.
  • Will there be ATMs at the festival? Open or Close
    ATMs are located throughout the festival grounds. You will be able to check your festival program for specific locations.
  • What kinds of entertainment will there be? Open or Close
    PrideFest brings you dozens of entertainment acts on two stages. Enjoy a variety of acts and performances, including music, dance, and visual arts.

    Check out the entertainment page for biographies and a schedule of performances.