Pride Royalty

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Pride Royalty is chosen each year at the Royalty Pageant. They serve as a public face and fundraising element of the organization, and are an integral part of making PrideFest happen each year. Pride Royalty is under the direction of the Royalty Committee, made up of talented St. Louis artists and performers.

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Pride Royalty 2017


From left: Mr. Pride Noah Mazzarati Steele, King of Pride Sir-Lix-A-Lot,
Queen of Pride Tassandra Crush, and Ms. Pride Jinger Fahrenheit.

Click here for a list of former Pride Royalty.

Royalty 2017

In the news: we were honored to have our Queen of Pride, Tassandra Crush, become of the first trans woman in Major Leage Baseball to throw out the first pitch during the first-ever official Pride Night with the Cardinals. Read more about it here.

Tassandra Crush / Pride Night
Picture from #BOOM Magazine.